TMP is for anyone interested in working towards achieving an optimally functioning muscular system. This is a lofty goal that may never be achieved, but one we should be striving towards throughout our lifetime. This is why we chose the name THE MUSCLE PROJECT.

At THE PROJECT we have helped a wide range of clients from 5 to 95 years old. We have also helped clients work towards achieving a wide range of goals from being able to participate in day to day life to the elite athlete that is trying to be at the top of their game and maintain that as long as possible. Everyone has a muscular system and the strength of that system is paramount to leading a healthy and active lifestyle no matter what the level of activity in life and sport.

THE MUSCLE PROJECT is for anyone interested in achieving and maintaining an optimally functioning muscular system and making that goal a life long PROJECT!


Testimonial from BOBBY BROWN, Pro skier

This guy has changed my life. Not just with getting my body back together but also showing me how to live a truly positive life. Every time I show up to the office for a session I know Matt will be fully attentive and ready to get to work. The consistency he shows is really amazing. He is always engaged and aware of what is happening during the session.

My body was not in a good place when I first came to see Matt. I had just come off the Olympics and I was in bad shape. I’d had years of hard training, crazy travel and countless hard falls that I’d never recovered from. When we started working together I was still trying to grasp the concept of optimal contraction but step by step I started seeing the progress. I look back on it and can’t even believe I was still functioning at the level I was while my body was feeling “broken”. I have seen incredible results, and I actually understand why am I feeling better. That is something you don’t get very often, an in depth explanation of what we are actually doing during the session. It really has helped me understand the process and know what to continue to strive for.

I really can not stress the effect Matt has had on my life more. His passion for what he does (helping people) has really rubbed off on me and has allowed me to see the true potential in myself with my skiing career and beyond. I have never felt this confident physically and mentally going into a season before. I owe a lot to Matt for giving me the tools to take my career to the next level!