What is MSC?

Mission: Why the MSC Exists

The Muscle System Consortia (MSC) is an organizational platform dedicated to understanding the structure, function, and adaptation of the human skeletal muscle system. From this platform research, literature, educational products, and consumer products concerning the human skeletal muscle system can be subject to critical analysis. In addition, the MSC will support the development of novel research, products, and education for consumers and fitness/health professionals.

Vision: The end result or fruition of the MSC mission

Foster a sophisticated understanding of the dynamic nature of the human skeletal muscle system and its influence on the other body systems. In order to:

  • Build a greater appreciation for skeletal muscle’s vital contribution to lifelong health and performance.
  • Provide the world evidence-based perspectives on the skeletal muscle system’s care, use, and maintenance, by expanding and clarifying the application of physical exercise and its beneficial and detrimental effects on physiological systems.
  • Construct a bridge between exercise and health care professions, both medical and non-medical, where exercise is not typically vetted and could be augmentative to an intervention’s efficacy.

Goals: What the MSC must do to achieve the mission, leading to the vision

  • The Muscle System Consortia will pursue and secure relationships with individuals and organizations that have sought out and refined interventions dealing specifically with assessing, improving, and maintaining the health and function of the skeletal muscular system.
  • To provide professionals the strategies and tools for assessing, training/stimulating, and improving the capabilities of the muscular system.
  • To create a recognized authority and model for organizing and disseminating information regarding the muscle system.