THE MUSCLE PROJECT is an exercise and education based facility. Through a process of applying specific and appropriate forces to the musculoskeletal system, we work with clients to create optimal strength and function. By educating both our clients and exercise professionals about how this system operates and how to maintain its function, we help them to set attainable goals and make appropriate choices. Our goals are optimal contraction, education and longevity to keep you able to participate in the activities you love. Get Your PROJECT started today!



What is The Project?

Started by Matthew Bernier, The Muscle Project is Denver's exercise and performance practice that people rely on. We identify problem areas while training your muscles to contract optimally. learn more


Proper Contraction

The key to getting your body to be as strong as it should be. Overuse, injury, and neglect can all play a part in less than optimal strength, and with basic principles and consistent attention to your body, The Muscle Project will show you how much stronger you can be.


Benefits of your Project

Helping you achieve your goals, whatever endeavor at any level, is always on our minds. We've dedicated years to the study of the application of force and anatomy so we can help you achieve those goals. You will be stronger and live a healthier life. learn more

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